Tom Waugh

  • Precision drone and on ground gimbal team
  • Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
  • Jan 14, 2019
full time Camera - assistant Camera - Aerial, drones & underwater Cinematographer Equipment hire

Experience - brief overview of your professional skills

Ignite Digi have been on the cutting edge of cinema drones over the past few years.

We are constantly innovating so we can help you capture amazing shots with the best equipment.

In house, we have an ARRI Alexa Mini and Red Epic camera kits available to work with our MoVI Pro gimbal system. We fly DJI Inspire 2 drone systems with X5S camera on board for 5K RAW capture.

We shot the drone aerials for feature films SFv1 and Cargo, TV series The Kettering IncidentChildhoods End and more. 
We also provide on ground camera support with car mounts, cablecam and handheld gimbal work.

We also design and manufacture award winning accessories to optimise the use of gimbals on set.

You can see our gear list attached and see more of our work at





Tom brings his creative eye to Ignite Digi. He is our in house cinematographer, MōVI controller and camera assistant. His AFTRS cinematography training, years of camera assisting and on set work have prepared him well for this role. Whether working in the creative team discussing the next shot, pulling focus or operating the MōVI, Tom understands visual storytelling and brings both creative and technical knowledge to your next production.



Chris brings his engineering and technical innovation to Ignite Digi. He is our chief pilot, designer and engineer. If you want the camera moved, he will make it so. Whether flying the drone, wearing the MōVI or driving the MōVI mounted car around, he understands the demands of a film set and strives to save minutes of the shoot day by engineering efficient and safe designs. 

Credit/work experience (at least 1 professional, paid screen credit)

Drone aerials
Apr 2014 - Oct 2014 Ignite Digi

Drone aerials captured for The Kettering Incident with our cinema drones, MoVI gimbal and Red Epic camera kit.

We worked with both main and 2nd units, as well as splinter drone unit.


Grad Dip. Cinematography
Feb 2010 - Nov 2010 AFTRS

Company (if applicable)

Ignite Digi

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