Rose Vallentine

  • Rose Vallentine
  • Hobart
  • Mar 21, 2020
contract Editor Locations Producer Production department

Experience - brief overview of your professional skills

Freelance senior editor, motion graphics designer, post producer, location scout and PM / producer.

Credit/work experience (at least 1 professional, paid screen credit)

Head of Production
Aug 2014 - Dec 2018 Versus Media

Worked as a senior editor, motion graphics designer as well as some roto / VFX as needed. Supervised and scheduled a team of in-house editors and maintained delivery deadlines while liaising with agency and client. Worked as a PM / Producer (depending on project size) and location scout. Oversaw and maintained archival processes as well as providing low level IT support.   

Production Supervisor
Mar 2012 - Aug 2014 Voxpops International

Editing internal research videos for high level clients and coordinating and supervising the work produced by two staff.

Worked as camera op for multiple overseas shoots travelling solo to meet a fixer / translator on location and managing production. Shoot locations include Bogota CO, Bucharest RO, Milan IT, Porto PT, Madrid ES, Jakarta ID, Dallas - Atlanta - Indianapolis - Philadelphia US as well as multiple locations across the UK.

Editor / Edit Assist
Mar 2007 - Jul 2011 CBD Central Business Digital

Online and offline editing,  colour grading, support for the online suite including importing and exporting EDL's, XML's and AAF's, transcoding material for ingestion, timing and logging video, AE patch fixing, AE green screen, tracking, particle effects, subtitling, QC, reception.



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